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so Ryeowook discovered Jongdae’s abs.. and then that smirk afterwards

Happy birthday Kim Jongdae! You’ve worked so hard, accomplished so much, and there’s nothing more I could wish for than your happiness. You deserve all the love in the world. Thank you for everything. - 920921 
你的歌聲 讓我們忘記所有煩憂 // 你的笑容 讓我們克服一切困難
我們給你的支持比永遠更遠 ♡

Top 5 Favourite Male Idols: 5. Oh Sehun
Aside from his amazing dancing talent and hard work ethic, this guy… is one of the most 4D human beings I’ve ever encountered. From making up strange words to making derpy facial expressions, he has a very unique way of expressing himself, and I find it really charming. He can be very cheeky and brutally honest, but at the same time he is mature and sincere in his actions and words. He is just so loveable, and not to mention he is also a cutie with a booty!( ̄ー ̄)

the weather is hot and so is jongin

♡ hyuna with black hair 

you shower in the pouring moonlight,

those wings will get wet