the MC told the fans to pinky swear that they’re not going to push when exo comes out and jongin is backstage just…

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10/listen pls 

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Q: hey there! :) this is a little random, but i just thought i should drop by and say thanks for following ♥ i don’t know what time zone you’re running on, but wherever you are, i hope you have a great day ahead! -dyoshite

wow, hello. PHTime its 4:30pm here, thank you for random message hehe, I’ve been pretty pissed awhile ago but I’m in a good mood now thanks to you~ :))

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i'm in love with the choreography --look at that syncronization (x)
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baby sehun breaking eggs

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made in heaven | do not edit.

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because Minseok’s crotch deserves an applause

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12/100 edits of Princess Min Yoongi x
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